what can you get lost in today?

“Get lost in what you care about. That’s where you’ll find everything.”

The path was overgrown but I was sure this was the way. I stepped carefully over branches and through thick, sticky mud, pulling the trees away from in front of me.

The leaves rustled nearby and startled me. I wasn’t alone. Likely just a curious forest creature, I mused, and carried on. I knew the cabin was here somewhere.

I came to the edge of a clearing, overlooking a valley, and there it was down below, right next to the river as I remembered it.

My grandmother had taken me here years ago. It was her secret place away from it all, where she would go to get lost, and find herself. I, too, had come here to recharge alone, write, and find myself back again.

It had been a rocky year with so many changes and losing my grandmother four months ago after she had been so sick the last couple of years, had been my final straw. I needed to come to her place, to connect and remember who I was. I just wanted to get lost in the woods in my writing, and be close to her again. I missed her so much.

I walked up to the cabin, gingerly pushed the door open and said, “Hello?” There was no answer.

Looking around, it seemed someone had recently been here. There were dishes next to the sink, waiting to be put away. Everything looked immaculately tidy. No sign of dust or vacancy.

I paused, wondering if now it was someone’s home. Wandering around, I ran my hand over memories and things my grandmother had notably left behind here.

A tear came to my eye, remembering her stories and when her laughter filled these walls. I felt the need to be especially quiet, so as not to disturb the silence you could now feel in the air.

I got to a small desk in the corner. The lamp was on and there was an open notebook and a pen. At the top of the page, scrawled in my grandmother’s handwriting, said, “Nikki, it’s all been waiting for you. It’s yours now. Care for it and remember me. Love Nan xo”

I gasped. Had she known?

A breeze softly blew through the cabin, even though all the windows and doors were closed, and a feather softly landed on the notebook.

Knowing she wasn’t far, I felt a peace come over me, and sat down to write.