Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Some of my favourites posts that I wanted to feature

One Breath

The silence between breaths Feels long and painful sometimes When my breath is released My head starts spinning So many thoughts, so many worries With the next breath, my head fills with fresh air And my mind relaxes But the... Continue Reading →


I thought I saw a small rabbit Off by the edge of the forest He poked his little head around the rock But as he startled me, so I must have him I sat quietly on my back porch Overlooking... Continue Reading →

Book of My Life

When I open the book of my life The pages await I scan through the pages Scribbled in a hurry is some of my writing Some I don't even recognize as mine And seem to be written by someone else... Continue Reading →

I Dare Not Breathe

Hanging onto the rope for dear life The illusion of control hangs in the balance In denial that I cannot orchestrate everything Because that's the only way I can feel safe Hanging onto the rope makes me feel Like I'm... Continue Reading →

A Room of Oddities (Originally Published Dec 24, 2012)

There’s a small window in this room of oddities. It’s so dusty and dirty you can’t see to the outside. It doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned in months – or ever. I’m not sure where it would look out... Continue Reading →

Christmas Awareness (originally published December 2015)

Christmas is a time of songs and lights Snow falling softly over little villages tucked in tight Blanketing them in a cozy white slumber Fires crackling keeping everyone nice and warm While presents overflow under the tree But there's so... Continue Reading →

The Magic of the Stars

I looked up and saw the sky filled with hundreds of stars Far off possibilities Many of which may be gone By the time their light reaches me But for a fleeting moment Their legacy lives on in my eyes... Continue Reading →

Home is Where the Heart is

As I looked out the window I saw crystal clarity There was a beautiful blue sky And the clouds leisurely passed by on their journey To where? Only they really know I saw cars busy and people rushing Again, so... Continue Reading →

Keeping Stepping

When I stood at the bottom of the staircase I felt nervous, where did it lead? What was I getting myself into? I could not see the top, but I felt drawn to ascend it anyway When I stepped on... Continue Reading →

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