Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Some of my favourites posts that I wanted to feature

Shadows of My Own Mind

Forgiveness shines a light on the dark depths of my soul Looking down at the handcuffs That have created deep scars on my wrists I realize that all along they were attached to nothing And the key to the doors... Continue Reading →


Love for Everyone

The twinkling of the lights on the snow Adds a sparkle to the mound of flakes Combining together to treasure the moment And creating the finishing touch to the season Holiday hints are on every street corner Sharing the love... Continue Reading →

My Greatest Teacher

With your hopeful eyes, you bring me your ball Knowing it will make me smile Your tail wags as you nudge it to me As I pick it up, you crouch low in anticipation My heart fills with love and... Continue Reading →

Smell the Roses

The petals are wrapped up tight Scared to release its blossom to the world But with courage, one petal falls open Then another And another Realizing they are a much more beautiful blossom Fully open to the world The rest... Continue Reading →

Sun Faith

As the sun prepares to disappear for its slumber It starts its decent toward the water The bright heat of the day Is replaced with a soft cool twinkling over the waves As the waves continue their journey to the... Continue Reading →

New Love

Leaning in, learning more about each other I crave to know your soul Our hands touch and send shivers through my body Feeling goosebumps to my core I long for your touches, your kisses, our passion Sensing a connection deeper... Continue Reading →

True Love

Cheesy love poems don’t flow from my soul I am working to love myself and be the me I need to be Both for me, and you, and us I eagerly await the day the stars align Knowing what’s meant... Continue Reading →

Me and My Steering Wheel

In the car I drive away No destination in mind Just my thoughts and the open road Scenery passing me by through the window Sparking feelings, creativity, peace A range of experiences flow through me I drive to clear my... Continue Reading →

Darkness and Light

Searing pain leaves me breathless Fear suffocating every breath I know the laws, vibration and attraction I feel what I’m doing to myself and I’m trapped Excitement that once overwhelmed Filled every pore Is but a distant memory I’ve lost... Continue Reading →

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