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Some of my favourites posts that I wanted to feature

Decisions for Change

So many decisions each and every dayThey have the power to permanently alter the perspective and projection of your lifeChoices to change takes courageOften lacking consistency to create lasting directional shiftsUnless it's something catastrophic causing collapse But why do we... Continue Reading →

What Brought Me to This Point

Words, one word after anotherDreams, one dream after another Resiliency, getting back up again and againDetermination, keeping trying again and again Inspiration, one idea after anotherLearning, one class after another Stupidity, trying longer than I should sometimesTrusting, believing in people... Continue Reading →

Building Habits

Many of my habits were born out of distraction, discomfort with myself, with this present moment. They've caused health issues and a million wasted moments but here i am, aware and wanting to change. Action builds momentum though, not the... Continue Reading →

Remembering What It’s All About

When I stepped out of my comfort zone, I kept a promise to myself.My life expanded and I didn't let fear rule my life.I was able to have new experiences, breathe new life into myself, take chances and feel alive.I... Continue Reading →

Koda’s Inspiration

Usually when I lay down to cuddle koda, the world is able to slow down.The fast pace I normally operate at has a chance to catch up to the silence and I drop back into my body.I become aware of... Continue Reading →

Peaceful Moments

Anytime I cuddle koda, the world disappears and I slow down to that moment, I feel his soft fur, our breaths match together, we are full of love. Because of how much I slow down, I automatically open as a... Continue Reading →

Rewriting Fear

I was excited for the possibilities and open to all that was on its way. But then the doubts crept in and threatened to suffocate and stall the momentum. Fighting against myself I realized I needed to let go and... Continue Reading →

I Let My Heart Loose to Love Again

I Let My Heart Loose to Love AgainLocked up for so longGuarded with heavy wallsBut through a little crack, you got through Wanting to tell you, not knowing howRacing against the clock before you leftIt seemed my sense got pushed... Continue Reading →

Grateful for You

Grateful for You You. Mysterious You.Decades of mysterious you.You have a hold on me still I can’t explain Seeing you appear on my computer screenI caught my breathMy body frozeElectric passion through the screenCould you feel it to? Conversations since... Continue Reading →

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