Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


personal thoughts


I thought about it more and decided I wasn't going to live my life for others anymoreI wasn't going to give them control over how I felt or what I didI needed to prioritize my mental and physical health I... Continue Reading →

Warmth of Wordplay

Feeling the warmth on my skin, I let relaxation seep through my bodyThe heat was comforting after coming in from the coldI didn't realize how tense I was out in the bitter airI didn't dare exhale too long for fear... Continue Reading →

I Almost Forgot

I realized I almost forgot to let go of the limitations holding me backI almost forgot to embrace the life that had been so patiently waitingI almost forgot to take the chances that I knew would lead to my dreamsI... Continue Reading →

Getting Through Creativity

Something felt off, I was unsure. My confidence seemed to falter lately. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. I wanted so badly to build it back, find my flow back. But I knew if I didn't turn on the... Continue Reading →

There was a chill in the air and I wrapped the blankets closer around me. Winter was marching in quickly and I wasn't totally sure I was ready for it yet.I enjoyed the fall colours so much this year. Hearing... Continue Reading →


I break down the walls, starting to find hopeTo come out of the writing coma to create againThose walls serve no good purpose, but the other ones...The walls around my heart are growing hard and highToo much of everything Not... Continue Reading →

The Weight of My Pen

As I picked up my pen it fell heavyToo long not doing something The muscles atrophySo one word at a time I get it down Word choice matters But in freefall it just comes outFrom deep in my heartThe words... Continue Reading →


The way the rain fell on the windowMirrored the tears falling from my eyesToday I let them fallNot caring enough to wipe them awayThe rain poured down the glass in front of meBlurring my reflection Mother nature cleansing herself of... Continue Reading →

Word Tripping

Every step I take gets more cautious I don’t want to hesitate but life has shown me this is prudent I want to be fearless, take the chance to live and make the moments matterBut with words that feel stuckI... Continue Reading →

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