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I finally felt freeI didn't realize the weight of it all until it was liftedAnd I wondered why I didn't do it soonerScared to change, i stayed stuck in sufferingPutting up with the pain, paralyzedBut now, I can breatheI feel... Continue Reading →


Family, forgiveness, freedom and other f words….a book I've been working on for a little while now. It always gets a chuckle and a raised eyebrow, especially from the aforementioned first f. Its coming along and shaped with many experiences... Continue Reading →

I Lost Myself

I lost myself in distractionNot feeling safe in the present momentSabotageYou teach people how to treat youWell that makes sense How can I learn to love myself againHow can I take back my lifeHow can I be healthy and love... Continue Reading →

I Am Here

I got here through a portal that I never realized I enteredSomehow it kept me safe through some of the most intense situations life presented me withI don’t always remember how or why I made it throughWhen by all rights,... Continue Reading →

Who I Was…

I was pure magic, confidence, love, compassion, resilience, consistency, discipline and determination...having full trust in the universe and the divine plan unfolding as it was meant to. Trusting that I have all I need inside and I would get out... Continue Reading →

Present Peace

A smell, a taste, a note struck just the right way, can lead me spiraling down rabbit holes of no return. Sometimes i catch myself, sometimes I just let myself freefall. Base jumping into the past with no net, reckless... Continue Reading →

What If?

We are all connected as oneSometimes that is harder to feel than others When the world hurtsThere are helpersPeople to step up to be the voice for those who can’tPeople who rally others to get needed suppliesPeople there to listen,... Continue Reading →

I Let My Heart Loose to Love Again

I Let My Heart Loose to Love AgainLocked up for so longGuarded with heavy wallsBut through a little crack, you got through Wanting to tell you, not knowing howRacing against the clock before you leftIt seemed my sense got pushed... Continue Reading →

Grateful for You

Grateful for You You. Mysterious You.Decades of mysterious you.You have a hold on me still I can’t explain Seeing you appear on my computer screenI caught my breathMy body frozeElectric passion through the screenCould you feel it to? Conversations since... Continue Reading →

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