Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Smell the Roses

The petals are wrapped up tight Scared to release its blossom to the world But with courage, one petal falls open Then another And another Realizing they are a much more beautiful blossom Fully open to the world The rest... Continue Reading →


The Water Tower

I can see the water tower from my window It’s not that far away Central to my hometown I know when I see it My home isn’t far away I watch spectacular sunsets Blanket it with colour The clouds that... Continue Reading →

My Furry Family

My family members are furry They walk on four legs Always there to give me a hug Their calming presence never far They mean the world to me A concept some don’t understand Until your heart has been touched By... Continue Reading →

Unfamiliar Assessment

The bunny hops until it sees me And freezes, assessing and sizing me up We lock eyes, connected Neither daring to breathe In that moment I feel what it is To be a prey animal, not the hunter Muscles tense,... Continue Reading →

Spring Forward

The buds are coming back on the trees Small fuzzy clothes on the skeletons of winter Life is coming alive again from its hibernation It springs alive in my soul People walk about with bigger smiles Shedding their layers of... Continue Reading →

Card Games

Each time I rebuild my life I feel like I'm building a house of cards When it falls down each time I can't help but feel I'm missing my king of hearts Because by myself I am not a strong enough... Continue Reading →

Spring Transitions

I need to clean the dirty smudgy windows of my car Let the sunlight into my soul Feel the warmth of it on the small amount of exposed skin Let spring seep into my bones Lifting my mood up to the... Continue Reading →

Seasons of change

Everyone is closing up sealing up battening down the hatches getting ready for old man winters visit, how the friendly atmosphere changes with the coming cold threat no more flower stands no more veggie stands even the corn has been... Continue Reading →


The fire crackled by my feet As the bugs buzzed around my head The fire sure wasn't keeping them away tonight In the distance I heard the loons calling across the water I saw their silhouettes drifting across the lake... Continue Reading →

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