Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Writing Wanderings

As I picked up my pen I paused, unsure what to write, it had been so long What did I want to write about? I guess the better question is what did I need to write about? Thoughts in every... Continue Reading →

In the Midnight Garden

In the midnight garden, the crickets jump and fairies dance and sing their little songs The raccoon rests on the toadstool dreaming his little dreams The stream bubbles along through Unaffected by night or day And the moon hangs low... Continue Reading →

Sneak Attack

This exercise was done by choosing three items from a collection in the middle of the table at my recent Busting Through Blocks event. Sometimes it's fun writing silly too 🙂 Try it yourself, with the first three items you... Continue Reading →

The Mystery

On the other side of the mystery Lay the answers I seek The mystery sits so thick I cannot see my way through But one step at a time Eager to know the answers I want to rush through, just... Continue Reading →

Take Me Away

Take me away to a place Where the waves splash on the sandy shore The sun sets on the endless horizon And the birds soar in the fresh spring air Deep breaths fill my soul Creativity creeping into every corner... Continue Reading →

Smell the Roses

The petals are wrapped up tight Scared to release its blossom to the world But with courage, one petal falls open Then another And another Realizing they are a much more beautiful blossom Fully open to the world The rest... Continue Reading →

The Water Tower

I can see the water tower from my window It’s not that far away Central to my hometown I know when I see it My home isn’t far away I watch spectacular sunsets Blanket it with colour The clouds that... Continue Reading →

My Furry Family

My family members are furry They walk on four legs Always there to give me a hug Their calming presence never far They mean the world to me A concept some don’t understand Until your heart has been touched By... Continue Reading →

Unfamiliar Assessment

The bunny hops until it sees me And freezes, assessing and sizing me up We lock eyes, connected Neither daring to breathe In that moment I feel what it is To be a prey animal, not the hunter Muscles tense,... Continue Reading →

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