Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Stepping Out of the Door

As I stepped out of the doorI realized all I was carrying with me Was too heavy for this journeyThe bags barely fit out the doorBumping me around as I wentWeighing me downPulling me back towards inside But I was... Continue Reading →

Chance on Creativity

A dream is a wish your heart makes but when my heart aches and breaks from the weight of unfulfilled dreams and I'm blinded to the dreams that have come true for I can't rest on past successes but if... Continue Reading →

Colours of Life

As the sun ignites the waterThe lake is lit on fire in hues of red, orange, yellow, and purpleThe sun dances on the waves making them sparkle and shimmerAs it dips further down into the horizon for another dayThe days... Continue Reading →


I'm standing at a crossroadsWhile my old familiar life calls from one wayThe new bigger life that's been waiting calls from the otherWhat seems like a no brainerProves to be a much more difficult choiceLeaving behind old familiar patterns, familiar... Continue Reading →

Blank Pages

When I opened the book of my life I was grateful to still see some blank pagesHope, to create change and keep goingThere is possibility on those pagesPotential I haven't yet seenAnd it may be even bigger than I imagineIt... Continue Reading →

Decisions for Change

So many decisions each and every dayThey have the power to permanently alter the perspective and projection of your lifeChoices to change takes courageOften lacking consistency to create lasting directional shiftsUnless it's something catastrophic causing collapse But why do we... Continue Reading →

What Brought Me to This Point

Words, one word after anotherDreams, one dream after another Resiliency, getting back up again and againDetermination, keeping trying again and again Inspiration, one idea after anotherLearning, one class after another Stupidity, trying longer than I should sometimesTrusting, believing in people... Continue Reading →

I Am Here

I got here through a portal that I never realized I enteredSomehow it kept me safe through some of the most intense situations life presented me withI don’t always remember how or why I made it throughWhen by all rights,... Continue Reading →

Who I Was…

I was pure magic, confidence, love, compassion, resilience, consistency, discipline and determination...having full trust in the universe and the divine plan unfolding as it was meant to. Trusting that I have all I need inside and I would get out... Continue Reading →

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