Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


personal thoughts


The day before me separate from the darkness The rain came and washed away the hurt Memories still remain Lessons learned the hard way New habits forming Leaving old painful ones behind No longer on repeat My anxiety twitches Wanting... Continue Reading →

The Time is Now

It hurts to feel It hurts to watch my dreams From the outside My brain fragmented into shattered pieces Memory and focus allude me Trying hard to concentrate To put the words together Heartbroken, seeking purpose Why am I doing... Continue Reading →

I can’t stop..

I can't stop.. I unwrap another and another A literal binge I know I'm hurting myself I know I'll suffer later But I unwrap another No amount can make me feel full This is a spiritual hunger A longing for... Continue Reading →


My brain stops, it's frozen I allowed my focus to stray from ACTION To overthinking and thinking and thoughts and this issue and what about that and can we fix this or prevent that and oh my gosh what if... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Possibilities

Pandemic, Preppers, Preparing for Possibilities Balancing reality, possibility and fear Called crazy before 2020 Now they're the ones writing books and sharing tips For any of those who will listen It's not a matter of IF anymore It's more a... Continue Reading →

Spark of Light

Hurt & Betrayal, awkward conversations Have you betrayed me Or have I ultimately betrayed myself Not sure which way to go Or who to trust anymore The darkness surrounding me Is enveloping me closer Threatening to suffocate me And plunge... Continue Reading →

Remembering Who I Am

The darkness wraps me in a seductive blanket of comfort But I don't belong here So easily I can get lost and forget what I'm fighting for Forget why I'm here and what I need to do The light calls... Continue Reading →

Dopamine Destruction

Sitting quietly the pieces come home Put back together I feel whole again My head stopped buzzing My thoughts stopped spinning I felt the peace inside Then I picked it up, just for a peek Let me just look up... Continue Reading →

I Need to Want to

I want to give you all the things we dream of I want to wrap you in love and make it all better I want to bring light to all the darkness I want to erase all the hurt I... Continue Reading →

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