Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


Positive Pens/Freefall Writing


And when it was over I still held my body tightFor I've learned never exhale too earlyLet's see how hard the other shoe dropsIs it really ever truly over? Or will it come back to bite you 5 years later?I... Continue Reading →

Blank Pages

When I opened the book of my life I was grateful to still see some blank pagesHope, to create change and keep goingThere is possibility on those pagesPotential I haven't yet seenAnd it may be even bigger than I imagineIt... Continue Reading →


Only for a moment was I lostBut that moment lasted long enough To make stupid permanent decisions So I took a breath and closed my eyesI freefell into my words without a parachuteHoping somehow that could save meFrom myself Posted... Continue Reading →

Crowded Noise

As I walked through the crowded streetsI felt more alone than ever Surrounded by people Yet in my heart it all felt like noiseNo one to connect withNo one to confideI wandered alone with my thoughtsA dangerous enemy to keep... Continue Reading →

Midnight Garden

In the midnight garden there was silenceNormally all a buzz with conversations between bugsTalking between tree frogsAnimated analogies between animalsEveryone was silent and stillIt was an eerie moment The garden knew something that I didn'tI was walking into unknown territory... Continue Reading →


I finally felt freeI didn't realize the weight of it all until it was liftedAnd I wondered why I didn't do it soonerScared to change, i stayed stuck in sufferingPutting up with the pain, paralyzedBut now, I can breatheI feel... Continue Reading →

Decisions for Change

So many decisions each and every dayThey have the power to permanently alter the perspective and projection of your lifeChoices to change takes courageOften lacking consistency to create lasting directional shiftsUnless it's something catastrophic causing collapse But why do we... Continue Reading →


Family, forgiveness, freedom and other f words….a book I've been working on for a little while now. It always gets a chuckle and a raised eyebrow, especially from the aforementioned first f. Its coming along and shaped with many experiences... Continue Reading →

I Lost Myself

I lost myself in distractionNot feeling safe in the present momentSabotageYou teach people how to treat youWell that makes sense How can I learn to love myself againHow can I take back my lifeHow can I be healthy and love... Continue Reading →

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