Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night

Fault Lines

No one sees me break No one sees me shake No one sees me in the darkness in my head Wondering silently outloud if I'd be better off dead Trapped by my own thoughts Drowned by my own feelings Not... Continue Reading →


The key to embody compassion is to open your heart and shut off the ego. The ego will often have you filled with judgements of other people, which shields you from being your true authentic self. Often what we judge... Continue Reading →

Alone With My Thoughts

I want to matter. I want to feel heardI want to get my life together alreadyI want to feel significant. I want to DO somethingI want to leave a legacy. I want to feel successful I don't want to rock... Continue Reading →

Seeking Truth

Masking my feelings to keep the peaceSilenced, opinions internalizedSpilling over to so many other areasWho am I to do anything I wantWhen I can't even speak up for myselfTaught my body wasn't my ownTriggered on so many levelsDon't touch me,... Continue Reading →

Living a Life of Love

Decisions made to destroy Wanting to love myself But familiar patterns are convincing Healthy feels good in the long run More than short term escapes That is an abstract concept When the sweets are seductive No longer as effective The... Continue Reading →

My Koda

Wrapping me in love You follow me No matter where I go You just want to be near me When I cry You run to be by my side When I dance and sing You again run to be by... Continue Reading →

Breaking Free

I see you in my peripheral Calling to me, seducing me But it won't work this time I'm tired of your mind control The broken games we play I'm done with you breaking me Today I break free I choose... Continue Reading →


The day before me separate from the darkness The rain came and washed away the hurt Memories still remain Lessons learned the hard way New habits forming Leaving old painful ones behind No longer on repeat My anxiety twitches Wanting... Continue Reading →

Meditation Moments

Meditation Moments Stillness. Connecting to your breath In. Out. In. Out. Everyone has their own rhythm Thoughts come and we let them go Connecting back to our rhythm We turn inside and find the quiet stillness That has always been... Continue Reading →

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