I draw a line but sometimes it feels like it’s in the sand.
I try to be strong with my boundaries and limits,
But mostly I crumble and collapse under the pressure.
My good intentions, integrity and purpose flows down the drain,
Along with my self esteem and any glimpse of growing assertiveness.
I sit alone gathering my courage,
Vowing not to let them affect me this time,
Wanting to sit in that solitude with my strength,
Loving myself, being happy with who I am.
But isolation is a scary place,
My mind can play many tricks on me,
And sometimes that mountain I’m creating,
Is really only a grain of sand.

I draw a line to protect and preserve who I am.
I resolve that no one is worth compromising for anymore.
I gain happiness and contentment within myself.
I focus on my purpose of being good to myself and others.
I know that I am kind and loving.
I deserve to be treated with respect.
I will not succumb to fear and hurt.
Anger will no longer take over my well being.
I am strong and I am worthwhile.
And things aren’t always as bad as they are in my head.
While I reach out to find that common ground,
I will stand firm by that line,
That I have now drawn in concrete.


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