What does this mean to me?

I thought I was getting on with my life

I thought I had finally found closure

Then the doors were swung wide open again

Even wider and more startling this time

The triggers seem to be everywhere

I didn’t even realize how much trauma there was

We’d only touched the tip of the iceberg

That 10% they say shows above water

Now I’ve put on my snorkeling gear

And plunged deeper then I feared

I was faltering and wavering

Convinced I didn’t have the strength to face it

Then solutions appeared in front of me

Answers, reasonings, a clear path to follow

Now I’ve put on my hiking boots and gathered my strength

And started my ascent up the mountain to freedom

I’m confident now there is life after trauma

And I’m going to embrace it

And be grateful for all it’s beautiful benefits

For I am strong enough

And I am not alone on this journey

I walk with my faith and friends

Both will help me if I forget my path

Because sometimes I may run

Sometimes I will walk

And sometimes I may need a hand to guide me

But I will keep moving forward

To reach the summit of freedom, peace and serenity.