A ghostly past that whispers her name

Careful not to shout too loud

For it knows how easily she’s spooked

By the shadows in the dark

Are they real or the secret part of her psyche

That she tries to keep locked away tight

Sometimes things don’t quite add up

A crack in the carefully constructed mask

Threatening to expose the pieces that remain hidden

The unstable bits not meant for public consumption

She carries her head high

And carefully creates what the world is to see

A successful businesswoman micromanaging her life

But behind closed doors she crumbles

She curls up with her knees to her chest

And cries.

She breaks down, confessing her weakness to the air

For it won’t tell her secrets

It won’t give her hiding spot away

It envelops her like a warm blanket

Promising to keep her secrets always

And help her to feel safe and recharge

To be ready to face the next days battles

To patch up the cracks with some pretty make up

So no one will be the wiser

And it will appear that for one more day

She has the strength to forge on.