I’ve found acceptance for your betrayals

Still doesn’t mean I want to see you

It means I understand a little more now

And have stopped blaming you for everything

I see I didn’t make things easy

Being together took a lot out of both of us

I don’t know why we endured so long

Maybe that answer will come in time too

Thank you for helping me through

Because for as much as we destroyed each other

We were there to care and protect too

I don’t know if I would have survived

Maybe I would have survived better

Like I’ve grown since we’ve been apart

Or maybe I would have been taken to darker places

I will never know

Because what’s past is past

And all we have is now

I thank you for helping me grow stronger

In your messed up twisted kind of way

The struggles and pains you put me through

Have made me who I am today

I love me and couldn’t be happier

With the life that was waiting for me

On the other side of you


look for this poem in the recently published book:  http://www.amazon.ca/Womans-Write-Strong-Poetry-Womankind/dp/1469732572/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1337628908&sr=8-2