In the midnight garden, silence fills the air
No need for answers, just peaceful time alone
The flowers are all asleep and don’t notice my presence
The sweet smell of them still lingers from the day
I walk down the stone path in silence under the stars
I can be anyone I want to be out here
No one will tell me otherwise
I touch the soft petals of a rose
And viciously pick one and toss it to the ground in frustration
If only I could feel the peace of the garden in my soul
Looking up at the blanket of stars over my head
I’m transported to another universe
One where these earthly troubles no longer need to matter
And I can hopscotch among the twinkling candles in the sky
Unfortunately the tumble from the heavens is a long and painful one
As I can’t stay locked in my night dreams forever
And even coming back to solace of the midnight garden
Can only last until the sun wakes for another day