In a haste it all gets tossed to the floor

The words are crying to come out of me like they did in days before
When they flowed so easily and painfree
And the lines without thought I could so readily see
For so long it feels like they’ve been locked inside
But I could not let my soul open wide
Frustrated I sit and stare at the blank page
My heart breaking inside Pandora’s cage
Line after line, revision after revision
My mind in such turmoil and indecision
Nothing looks quite right and ends up a mess
Should I just give up or is it all part of the test?
I cannot seem to see an end in sight
Even though stubborn I sit and try with all my might
Maybe it’s just that I’ve been trying too hard
I should layout my hand, play my last card
Once we admit defeat then we’re ready
Moving forward with our faith, nice and steady
Take my will and my life, guide me in my recovery,
Show me how to live.