Someone rearranged the furniture.
I don’t know why they would have done that,
After all it’s my home not theirs.
I know I haven’t been quick to organize things,
But it’s only been a couple days, dammit.
Getting to decide what the home will look like
Is the best part of moving somewhere new.
Someone rearranged the furniture,
Right from under my nose.
I appreciate the help and all,
But it would have only taken a moment to ask me.
I know you probably had the best intentions,
But I really was OK on my own.
I’m starting to do more and more things by myself,
And was gaining self-esteem, a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
You walked in and didn’t give me a choice.
You took that freedom away.
Maybe I wanted to try it myself,
To prove to myself I could do it,
To see how far I’ve really come,
But you squashed that goal.
And now I realize I’m done and over you.
I don’t have to feel trapped by past memories,
I can move on to find my own happiness,
Limitless freedoms to nurture my soul,
To find out who I really am,
And discover a new way of living—
Not handcuffed to your memory,
Not squashed by your power


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