I stepped like a pixie onto the pieces hearing them crunch under my toes
I remember the days when he’d have a puzzle spread across the table and I’d always hide one piece
Just to be sure that I was the one to get to put in that very last piece in
He always called me a trouble maker
And I would just giggle and smile slyly at him behind my firey red curls
I’d always hide it in the box where I was sure he’d find it
But he never did.
Now feeling the pieces beneath my toes
I feel like I’m squashing the memories down
Burying them deep in my soul where they don’t have to be felt again
Where they can be locked away safe for another 10 years
Picking up the pieces and putting my life back together again
I realize that the gnawing deep inside
Searching through the world around
I’ve been searching for my missing puzzle piece
The one life has seemed to hide on me
But I don’t know where to find the box.

this piece was written as a submission to Kellie’s Free Write Fridays. Be sure to check it out and write your own with her inspirational prompts!Β http://kellieelmore.com/2012/03/09/free-write-friday-give-this-picture-a-story/