In times before doors always had to be locked away like my heart
In today’s world trust is a strange concept
And it’s easier not to let anyone close
Than to try to give someone the key

Unsure who to trust anymore
Because those keys are all too easy to make copies of and replicate
It’s more convenient to grab an extra blanket
Than ask for the help of an extra snuggle to keep you warm
Because a body close always comes with a price
And the blanket is already there
In the linen closet just collecting dust anyway

I try  to open my heart to the love and possibilities
But the air feels like a cold poison right now
And there’s nothing external that can warm it up
For it can only be warmed
By my own internal independence it seems
Or maybe I just need to find the one
Who has his own pre-made copy of the key
And doesn’t need me to provide it to him
He’ll just know how to unlock it on his very own.