From looking at her you’d never guess
It’s not like you can tell
No one ever really sees her go for lunch
She carefully dodges most requests
You see here purchase the odd grab and go snack
And people say no wonder she doesn’t have a six pack
She works so hard all through the day
And everyone takes staggered lunches anyway
She carries extra weight around
Her face, although pretty, is still quite chubby
Her figure is less than flattering
She’s certainly not the type to start modeling
She talks about the exercise she wants to do
The exercise she tries to do
The equipment she has to help her do
But instead these days she’s finding a much easier solution
One she’s carefully hiding from everyone
And no one is seeming to be the wiser
No one has caught on and no one can tell
Her calorie content these days totals for a week
What she should be consuming in one or two days
She has a morbid fascination with it
And doesn’t want anyone to find out
She doesn’t want anyone to interfere
She doesn’t want anyone to stop it
Only 40 more pounds
40 more pounds she can do it
It won’t be that hard
As long as no one finds out
She can keep plugging toward her goal
No one can call her anorexic
She will refuse yet another label
And besides anorexic is for the sickly, the boney
She was still chubby and carried extra weight
So much extra weight
And this was the only way she knew how
To gain any control of uncontrollable life at all
Was just to quietly go about what she needed to with her day
Not drawing attention to what she was doing to herself anyway
So she could continue toward her go, continue with her plan
And maybe one day she could feel pretty in her heard, and outside too
Just like everyone always insisted she was
But she only has 40 more pounds standing in her way
So today is just not the day for it all to stop.