Thank you
Tonight you helped me close a door on my heart
It kept creaking open these days
Like it forgot the cold winter wind it was built to keep out
It would start as a small draft
Sneaking in under the frame
A stray thought here or there
A fleeting memory of what things used to be like
A warm glimpse at the way they once were
And the draft would tug just that little bit on my heart
When my beating love wasn’t returning the rhythm
Cold man winter would knock gently
Offering himself but a meek intruder to the night
Reminding the warmth you would offer
In that empty spot on the pillow next to mine
Arms wrapped around me
Fingers intertwined between mine
Memories of your warm breath on the nape of my neck
Sends shivers up my spine
With that the door blows open with the frigid air of winter
Heated by the memories of us
But tonight you helped it also be frosted by the other memories of us
And I appreciate you helping to bring reality back
To the little winter cabin of my heart
So I could close that door
And keep the cold winter air out
And remember how to warm it on my own again.