Lost on the wings of an angel
Flying along through the veins of my heart
Losing myself in thoughts of you
I can’t help myself
I feel free with wild abandon
And love the way you make my soul soar

I know what they say about secrets
But my dear you are a delectable one
I can’t help but smile when I think of you
And when your body is near me I flutter

But I know what they say about secrets
And even the kiwi doesn’t tell he can fly
He only does it in the dead of night
When all eyes have turned away
For if anyone were to see him take to the air
There surely would be a ruckus
And how would you explain
The flightless bird in the air?

I know what they say about secrets
And I’ve never been good at keeping the happy ones
For if it brings one joy
Shouldn’t we multiply that and share it with the world?
Like a bright electric rainbow in the sky
It lights up the air with luminous colour
Such a decadent delight for your eyes
Surely a gift to share with the world
And not keep locked away so tight

I know what they say about secrets though
And sometimes things are best left unspoken
Anonymous letters from secret admirers
Never stay anonymous very long in today’s world
But the magic of a secret, a surprise
Like a sparkly gift on Christmas
Waiting patiently for you to open
The gift of my heart to yours
With a promise of loyalty
And a hope you’ll be gentle
And love forever more