Full moon eclipse on the horizon
Shut your mouth buttercup and be still
We can all calm our hearts and minds
Let go of anger and resentment
I’m done drinking poison
Expecting other people to die
With love in my heart I extend light outward
Letting the warmth flow through me and out to all those near
Sundrops kissing the tips of the leaves
As the trees are shaken awake by the early morning wind
Cool air rustling through the mist
Relaxing the stresses away
It’s going to be a blood moon eclipsing
Once in 500 years
Set your intentions and release them to the universe
There hasn’t been a more spiritual year yet
So many lunar happenings
It’s the year of the lunatic
Good thing I’m in tune with mother luna
And I’m done listening to you call me crazy
Maybe there’s intentions you need to set and release
Poisons you need to stop drinking
But I know I’m done internalizing
Your angry hurtful words
Only I can change me
And this year I’m changing so much
You’re not even gonna know who I am
And that’s exactly how I will like it
My cosmic number is changing
You will no longer have access to
My heart
My head
My soul
Or my vibrations of spirit
My life is my own
Crazy is a thing of the past
Stronger Determined and Intentional
I am a better person
Only I can change me
And the eclipse is charging me
Into a brand new life and world