Your number was blocked
And I lost it
I lost my mind
I lost my heart
But you were still in my soul
I couldn’t escape those eyes burned into my brain
Your sweetest kiss
Do you remember the taste of my lips
Like I remember yours?
Do you think of me when you look up at the stars
And wonder if I see that one there shining as bright as your smile
The auroras dance and wave in the dark night sky
I wish I was dancing with you again
Our love remains unspoken
Yet the embers still glow warm
When we were breathing the same air
Our hot breath ignites them again
Like the phoenix our love springs forth once again
The flames engulfing all of us once more
We can’t escape the inferno when we’re together
Uncontrollable the blaze rages on
I warm my heart with the heat of our love
Never to feel cold again
But your number was blocked
And I lost it
Alone I sit shivering
Thinking of your embrace
Wishing I could feel it caressing my skin
Wanting us to share that fire once more