Searing pain leaves me breathless
Fear suffocating every breath
I know the laws, vibration and attraction
I feel what I’m doing to myself
and I’m trapped

Excitement that once overwhelmed
Filled every pore
Is but a distant memory
I’ve lost my road map, blind to the light and how to get back
The roller coaster is too intense
I cannot maintain it
My body gives up
My heart sinks
My eyes fill with tears
And I surrender
I can’t continue on like this
The lows get so low
And I know better
Grasping for gratitude I want to throw up
The dark side of lightwork no one warned me of
Feeling the feelings of the world
Piled on top of your own
Too much
It’s just too much
Broken, I sit and cry
Simply wanting to die
How do I get back to that place
Of abundance and light and love
When fear has the handcuffs locked so tight
Unable to reach out and ask for help
Everyone is afraid of being dragged down
Alone suffering, under attack
I want nothing more than to get back
Helping others, sharing the light
Feeling hope and love and warmth
True success lies in helping others
Breathe a little easier
But how do I help myself breathe a little easier
Hit the reset button
Stop the downward spiral
Keep myself on track
So I don’t need to look back
Finding my light, my strength, my courage
Before the light is extinguished