The trees teach us impermanence
Springing forth life after the winter slumber
Creating colourful blossoms where it once was bare
Bringing people out of hibernation to remember
There is life to celebrate as our world pops alive once more
Daffodils, Tulips, Crocuses usher in the new season
Letting their sweet scent fill our noses and our hearts
Lilacs, Magnolias, and Roses, keep the seasons rolling
Reminding us no flower lasts forever
We must appreciate each blossom as it appears
And let it go as it moves on
With faith we know it will appear
In another year

The lush green canopies of summer
With leaves in full splendor
Provide some much needed shade
From the hot sun above
All too often it seems this passes quickly
As we see the first hints of colour frosting the tips of the trees
It reminds us time marches on and we must enjoy each moment as it comes
No season is forever, but each owns it’s own magic

The trees done their coats of many colours
The splash of watercolour appears
As the last fireworks explode on the branches
The trees put on their spectacular show
So we can hold the colour in our hearts
Until the flowers cycle around once more

As the last leaf falls to the ground
And the first snowflake twinkles its way to earth
Wrapping the world in a cozy blanket of white
Tucking us in for a season of slumber
Giving rest to the weary
Forcing us to slow down, take pause

Evergreens remind us of hope
For everything will come alive again
Nothing is forever
We can embrace the changes
Enjoy the beauty that each change of season offers
Hold the memories close to our hearts
Knowing, even though it may come
In a different form that what we are familiar with
Everything will cycle around again