Cheesy love poems don’t flow from my soul
I am working to love myself and be the me I need to be
Both for me, and you, and us
I eagerly await the day the stars align
Knowing what’s meant to be will find a way
Having faith in the universe’s timing…
Can be a pain in the ass, even though I get it
(I’m still working on the control thing)
Improving my heart, finding my courage
Following my purpose, and listening for guidance
Saying yes to the little opportunities
Baby steps as the path is revealed
Exits tempt me along the way
But my intuition helps me stay on track
Learning patience and perseverance
Letting go of fear, insecurity
Embracing trust and love
Knowing it’s the only way
Excited for you to join me on this journey
So we can share the adventure together
Complementing each other, not completing
With true genuine love and light