Only for a moment was I lost and then I found a light and everything was changed.
I woke up and the power was out, I fumbled with different things, looked for information
Acceptance in the dark
But I still have the light inside me
I do not have to tumble down the rabbit hole of internal darkness
Just because my bedside lamp is ineffective
I know that too, is only temporary
I set to work starting my day
Embracing my inner light, sharing that with others
Exploring within myself through my words
Empowering myself knowing what I need to do to make myself stronger
Listening for the guidance I long for
Wanting a break, to rest a while
Comfort is the enemy of goals, I read
But I can’t push myself over the edge
Staring dangerously over it right now
I lay with ideas of the darkness
The light inside desperately trying to get my attention
As I close my eyes I fall backwards
Into the soft clover field of faith