Creating a life takes dedication, focus

Not being shaken by the weather

Remaining steadfast as the sky

Expecting the weather to come and pass

While trying to maintain a clear path

Not attaching to the clouds

Or being pulled into the storms

Bending with change like a tree in the wind

Staying grounded and rooted

And allowing the passing of the seasons throughout

Buds come and turn into leaves

Leaves change colour and it’s time for slumber

Processing slows down to sustain through the dark cold winter days

Snow wrapping you like a blanket

Safe and secure until the buds appear again

Springing to life with the new cycle

Sharing hope things will always come back

Beautiful flowers bring smiles

That may have been gone far too long

Sitting under the shade from the sun

The warmth feels nice during these moments

When they change their last show of brilliance

And fall to the ground

Leaving the branches naked and exposed

For another go round of the cycle

Many go round of the cycle

Some more important than others

But all have their place

The tree withstands the weather

As does the sky

Who are we to think we know better

And obsess over why

The tree and sky allow

They don’t control, attach or fuss

They allow and accept

And carry on

Waves crash on the shore

Some with more force than others

Sometimes calm sometimes angry

But all carry on

They allow and accept

And stay steadfast and remain

Oh how much we have to learn

And everything to gain