I want to build a better life for us
The solution is in the goals and routine
Structure is the way to success
Stop overthinking and just do
Action overcomes fear
Adjust as you go
Be more afraid of staying put

Because you are rapidly
Losing your mind, losing your thoughts
Sliding back to who you fought to leave behind
You are better than that scared girl
Staying in a toxic relationship hoping to die
Snorting her escape, losing her soul
You climbed back from darkness and fear
Don’t you remember what it was like here?
Slippery slope, you are sliding fast

Leave the toxicity, you always have options
You do not need to die
You do not need to escape
You can take responsibility
Go after the exciting opportunities that bring up fear

That fear isn’t real, it’s keeping you small
The opportunities are waiting when you say YES!
Focus one at a time, get things done
Build your life, build your dreams
They’re waiting

So many others cross your path to show you
Some you empower and they build your courage
Others trigger the fire to show you what you’re made of
Light your old life up in flames
Rise from them like the phoenix

Do not let all these people keep you down
They are stepping stones, lessons on your journey
Construction detours on the road of you
Never were they meant to be barricades
Stopping your path

Build sweet lady, keep going
Love yourself deeper because of persevering the detours
Know you are even stronger today and meant to be the lighthouse
For all those who have also lost their way