Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



My Faerie Princess

Your laughter lights up the room As you dance, excited to see me My heart overflows with love I really would do anything for you We sit and create Your spontaneous ideas challenge me No rules for crafting Imagination is... Continue Reading →

My Furry Family

My family members are furry They walk on four legs Always there to give me a hug Their calming presence never far They mean the world to me A concept some don’t understand Until your heart has been touched By... Continue Reading →

Koda in Flight

As I sit in the car with mommy, I watch the birds fly by The air conditioning blows thru my hair feathers as I pretend I can soar the skies with them I push my snout closer, getting lost in... Continue Reading →

You are my Sunshine

An entire field of dandelions Sunshine yellow as far as the eye can see Happiness under a blue sky They say you're a weed But I've never had a weed Make me smile like you do And when you're life... Continue Reading →

John’s Forest Adventure: Free Write Friday – Dec 30

writing prompt from Free Write Friday: You are young. It’s springtime and you find yourself walking down a dirt road with a cut on your knee… Momma said not to be running so fast down the road but I couldn't... Continue Reading →


Little gnome house hidden away in the forest Reveal to me your secrets, Tell me no lies But it's a gnomes whimsical way To not be direct with his stories You will have to trick it out of him If... Continue Reading →

Feet High in the Air

Squeaky swings how high can you go Can your feet reach up and touch the clouds in the sky? Have your shoes skim alongside the sparrows. Your ankles flying high up by the airplanes Your toes tickle the treetops Your... Continue Reading →

Make a Wish

Fluff spores soaring through the air like snow Hundreds of seeds promising new life They just need to get there Grab one out of the air and make a wish For there are certainly enough fluff spores To make every... Continue Reading →

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