Running through a forest

Feeling the wind in my hair

I try to run faster

And see if I can outrun my own feet

When I succeed I fall to the ground

Rolling in a fit of giggles

I hear the leaves crunching under me as I roll

And it makes me want to keep rolling

Tumbling head over feet down the hill

Stopping at the bottom in front of a rock

“it’s an interesting shaped rock” I think

As I bend over to investigate it more

Suddenly a head pops out one side

And the turtle slowly starts walking away

I watch him for a few minutes

Until I’m distracted by a flash of movement

Something just ran by me so fast and quiet

And I peeked from behind the tall tree

I noticed a small squirrel

Busy on his day, collecting nuts and twigs and berries

For his winter famine feast

He paused as he noticed me

But I remained still

Once satisfied I was not a threat

He scurried on scampering away

The leaves crunched near by me again

I realized a small snake was also slithering near

He was much quicker then the squirrel

And had soon disappeared out of sight

I went over to the stream for a drink of water

To be greeted by the fun little fishes

Swimming and splashing about

It was then I remembered

How alone I felt when entering the forest

And realized nothing could be further from the truth.