You can hold your breath underwater

You can dance among the raindrops at night

You can let your body go and float down the stream

These are all things I’ve been learning from not taking myself so seriously


I can climb up 20 flights of stairs

I can walk until I can’t walk anymore

I can run and collapse in giggles on the grass

These are all things I took for granted or never wanted to even try at all


I can sing at the top of my lungs

Even if my steering wheel is my only audience

I can speak words from my heart

And touch someone when I least expect it

I can manage an entire office

Even if you wouldn’t know it from the looks of my home


So many things I’ve been able to discover

Just from daring to try just a little

I can jump and splash and swim

Finding the nearest puddle like a child

I can get my pants wet from the fun

Or I can get down on my knees in the dirt

And plant a beautiful little garden

Celebrating the miracle of life around me


There’s a freedom that can be found

If you just take a moment to discover life

And maybe you too can see how long

You can hold your breath underwater