This is how he signed his name
A squiggle with a loop
I could never understand why he signed such a mess

My mother’s was so neat, proper
With a strikethrough to cancel it out
So she taught me and I followed
That was how I signed my name

And then life happened
Many signatures and carpel tunnel later
I follow in my father’s footsteps
In more ways then one

My signature is now also a squiggle with a loop
Signing underneath him for the car
It became apparent how much like my father I am
We chucked at the absurdity
My signature still much sharper
His more flowing and relaxed
But looking so much alike
Just like the smile from which the chuckle came from

The workaholic who always tries to run
I’ve learned from the best
The one with the all too big and giving heart
I’ve learned that too from the best

Thinking he was mostly absent all those years
But he was still in my heart
Silently showing me I didn’t have to follow her way
And reminding me deep down there was always a better path