It’s what whispers your name at night

It’s that little voice telling you you’re worth being loved

It’s that part of you that knows you deserve the best

I’m worth it it says

I can do it

It’s what whispers your name at night

A comforting companion letting you know it will be alright

Whatever stresses, problems, chaos may arise

The struggles placed in your path

You will come out on the other side

The storm will pass and the sun will shine

The rainbow of hope will appear

Helping you hang on another day

Its what whispers your name at night

Telling you you’ve made it through another day

Proving to you once again you have the strength

Strength you didn’t think was in you

But somehow were able to find anyway

Courage to face another day

And leave the tears behind

That little voice can be a voice of comfort or torment

And personally I’ve let it torment me long enough

I’ve had enough and I’m taking back my life

I am not these limitations I’ve placed on myself for so long

I do not need to be handcuffed to fear any longer

I’ve been proving again and again

When I step up and try

I can climb mountains

All I have to do is take that first step toward success

Make that choice

Today I choose happiness

Even on the bluest days

I know I’ll be alright

And there are brighter days ahead

Because of the work I’ve done

When that voice of torment tries to come back

I can tell it I’m not going to listen

And choose to go down the path to happiness once again

Feeding my soul with nourishment

Listening to that voice that whispers to me in the night