Abandoned houses have a look about them, like they’ve lost their soul

The walls of the castle were broken down
The very things meant to provide protection
Were no longer able to do their job
How was she to know what to trust anymore
If she couldn’t even count on the safety of her home?
She sat in the foyer of a once beautiful palace
Looking around her at the shambles and mess
A tear formed in her eye
She reached for her embroidered pink handkerchief
To wipe the overwhelming sadness away
It merely did a surface job
But much like if the castle were to ever be refurbished,
It only heals the outside.
Her hopes and dreams once lived here
She was never the same after her mother left
It’s as if the heart of the home was broken
A little girl in spirit she ventured forth to the world
Too small to understand, too old to find a new family