Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night




The key to embody compassion is to open your heart and shut off the ego. The ego will often have you filled with judgements of other people, which shields you from being your true authentic self. Often what we judge... Continue Reading →

Forest of My Soul

The leaves crinkled under my feet as I walked through the forest. Fall had come late this year. The water levels were low in the river, which increased the ripples and splashes over the rounded worn down rocks. The path,... Continue Reading →

The Cabin

I opened the door and felt freedom to my heart. The air outside was cold and crisp which was a stark contrast to the cozy cabin I'd been snuggled up in all day by the crackling fire. As I stood... Continue Reading →

Take the Leap

And we get to a point where we reflect on what's really important in our lives What we want from life, what we are willing to accept, and aren't, and where we want to go, and what we're willing to... Continue Reading →


The old man pauses to sit on the bench near the parking lot He looks at the young people running all around him so active Kids splashing down by the water, teens playing volleyball on the beach, a family picnicking nearby in... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Guidance

He takes his little hand cautiously from the parking lot, Careful to look both ways. He's taught this to his son to protect him And he hopes he remembers when they aren't together as well. But when they reach the... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Little Girl

As she runs out of the lake after an afternoon of swimming in the waves He wraps her in a towel to protect her from a chill coming off from the water He wishes he could protect her from the... Continue Reading →

Love and Dragons

I've always wanted to settle down and build a life out of brick and mortar. Lay down solid foundations and not be a nomad. Something that can't just be broken down or torn apart. A cloak to really count on,... Continue Reading →

John’s Forest Adventure: Free Write Friday – Dec 30

writing prompt from Free Write Friday: You are young. It’s springtime and you find yourself walking down a dirt road with a cut on your knee… Momma said not to be running so fast down the road but I couldn't... Continue Reading →

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