Prominently it sits,
The gateway to paradise.

The welcoming tunnel,
Beckoning you to Utopia.

Holding in it such promise,
Of a place untouched by stress.

A space where you can leave your worldly cares behind,
And relax for a a few magical moments.

Spendid peace and serenity surround you,
It’s as if time has slowed to a standstill.

Unaffected by deadlines and time crunches,
Rush projects or meetings.

The only meetings waiting for you here,
Involve relaxing in the silence on the bench,

Watching the dragonfly whiz by,
And the robin hopping about on the ground.

The sounds of nature can be heard everywhere if you let it
But you must slow down to it’s speed

You can feel the air resonating with your body
Clinging and grabbing onto you as you tense up to leave

It begs you to stay a few more moments in this special place
Holding your skin tight with goosebumps

So you surrender to the freedom
And long to stay forever more.