What do you get for the man who…
Carried you on his shoulders when you were little?
Shared the pistachio pudding with a spoon line in the bowl?
Humoured you when you needed a human body for teddy bear school?
Sat for hours at the kitchen table trying to explain integers?
Came with to all the stores to buy the princess prom outfit after mom died?
Sat by your side in the hospital when you were scared,
as you watched your life crumble down around you?
Continued to stand by the side of his little girl, that wasn’t so little,
even as you pushed him away?
Shares a seemingly endless supply of life’s insights and moving help?
Has been your biggest cheerleader as you’ve continued to put your life back together?
What do you get for the man who you have more respect for
then anyone else in the entire world and
have your heart brimming over with more love
then you even know how to express?