And the rain just kept pouring down
Like tears from the heavens
Cleansing the world of it’s negativity and shame
Letting go of the guilt and the lies
That were tearing her apart
From deep inside her heart for so long
The pain and anguish that flooded her soul
And kept her eyes from meeting anyone’s gaze
The self confidence she lacked because she was always told
She wasn’t good enough for anyone else
Like shackles her fears kept her imprisoned for years
With all of her life just waiting for her
On the other side of that self imposed imagined hell
In the darkness she cowered for so long
Not knowing the sunshine that awaited
The happiness that longed so patiently for her company
On the other side of the rainbow bars of hope
She had to break free
Stand up and find her courage
Find the strength to carry on
Hold on tight to her hope
And walk forward with her faith
To find the most beautiful and overwhelming miracle of life
That she could have never even began to imagine
She had to walk through all that
To truly appreciate the blessings of today
But somedays she wishes it all hadn’t had to hurt so much then
To get to where she is now