My heart feels venerable
For it has fallen that little bit
And dared to care for a man again
Love is uncertain but worth the price
The giddy flutters have returned
Progressed past a point of no return
The words have been vaguely spoken
And now await follow up of next week
Feelings have been patient this long
But these few days truly feel an eternity
When the feelings were kept protected
Internal and quiet, not given the voice of air
They were safe and all mine
Now I have dared to let a few have their own breath
And must trust the outcome to the wind
The wind can be an unpredictable thing though
It may softly kiss your cheek in passing
Or envelop you in a passionate tornado when you least expect it
I’ve dared to dream and let my heart go again
I can only hope the sweet man who has caught my eye
Wants to catch the pieces of my fallen heart
And return his gently to me