Shine your light like the fireflies do
Let it glow bright right from your bum
Let go of fear and what others think
Just do your best and the rest of everything will follow
I want to be the brightest star in the sky
But I have to let my light glow in order to even be seen
I have to walk to the tallest mountain
Before I can begin to climb it
Sometimes I get so smothered by the undertow
That I forget how to swim at all
Life’s pebbles seem like boulders in my shoe if I let them
So I really have to be careful to keep my perspective
As much as I may want to keep that boat tied close to shore
To not lose sight of what I know
I have to let go if I hope to venture off to any new worlds
And explore the adventures that await on the horizon
I need to remember that I do know how to swim
And there are life preservers available for me to reach to if I need them
Fear is lack of faith
And just because I can’t see the path
Doesn’t mean it isn’t there