The icicles hung like frosting outside the farmhouse and made me glad to have the fire blazing next to me while I nursed my cup of hot cocoa. It was a cold blustery night and the wind was trying to get in at the rattly windows of the old house that night. I was enjoying the peace of the evening and listening to the crackle of the fire.
“Enjoy it while it lasts Duke,” I said to my ever faithful Retriever friend lying at my feet. He lifted his head slightly in acknowledgement that I was talking to him, so I continued. “It’s just you and I tonight, but tomorrow the house will be bustling full of family and little ones running around.”
He laid his head back in satisfaction that his job requirement was fulfilled and I went back to my cocoa.
Maybe that’s why I’m still single, I chuckled silently to myself, and took another sip of warm chocolately goodness.