The clouds gusted slowly through the sky,

Blowing everything around it with reckless abandon.

Pizza boxes tossed into the air,

Random papers fluttering in their small tornadoes,

Through back alleys where only some dare to play,

Falling into the dark shadows of the stairwells and dumpsters.

Out on the street the newspaper stands rattle around,

While nearby the waves crash on the shore.


Nothing is safe from the clouds that deceivingly look so peaceful,

As they gust slowly through the sky,

Up above the world in slow motion they make their changes.


Where down here on the ground those changes almost seem accelerated,

Pushing through faster than sometimes is comfortable,

But sometimes that’s what we need.


Comfortable is nice and change is scary.

But it’s only when the pain of staying the same,

Becomes greater than the pain of change,

That we change.


Sometimes by then, that change is at such a painful place,

We are down on our knees, begging to be relieved of that burden.

When all it would have taken, was to recognize and surrender sooner.


But we struggle. By our nature we struggle for control.

Stubborn we think we can do it better.

And for those moments we delude ourselves and win.


Until life crashes down around us.

Forced to our roots we surrender,

And remember faith and love and hope.


Looking up at the clouds gusting in the sky,

I accept their changes,

Knowing it’s inevitable and not on my terms anyway.


And for that I am grateful.

And with hope I turn over my will,

And ask for guidance.