My courage needs to come out loud
But my voice speaks so soft
My soul screams out from deep inside
While the words can barely form on my lips

So much I want to stand up and say
So many things to get out and convey
This brand new avenue that’s been introduced
My eyes have been opened
My heart has been blessed
My ears have been graced with humbling talent

My self esteem tries to kick me down and out
And back over there to the corner
But that small voice inside cries out
“Don’t silence me now, this is just the beginning!
I’ve only had a small taste!
I know there’s more wonders to explore on this journey!
Please don’t let us stop now!”

And I continue writing
Because I need to keep writing
Sometimes when I least expect it I see something as I’m walking down the street
And I have to stop and start writing

The people around me sometimes think I’ve gone mad
The ones who know me are used to it by now and they smile
If they are feeling generous they stop and wait
Otherwise they are amused when I have to run and catch up, or give up 10, 15, 30 minutes later
But it’s my healing and I would be lost without it
I don’t want it to stop
I need it to continue
I need the inspiration

The silly bursts of giggles at random things
Which are always more fun if they aren’t by myself
But I’m not afraid if they are,
For sometimes I like doing it alone,
Giggling that is….

Writing is my freedom
Speaking my writing is my exhilaration
I never know what may come first
Puking or passing out..
Luckily neither has
And I do stop shaking…
So I can get up and do it again
And tell the tale
To encourage others to give it a try

Because if that scared girl over in the corner
Trying to talk herself out of
Getting up on that stage
In front of that microphone
And all those people can do it
I sure as hell bet

You can do it to.