I ran to the store, I needed to buy smokes
I tripped over my own feet, as I flew out the door
I realized I forgot my wallet, and had to run back
When I remembered, I hadn’t even put a shirt on my back

I did one final check, and had everything covered
I was ready to run out again, and get this mission complete
I ran into the car, and had just enough gas
So I floored it straight to the store, as fast as I could

As I pulled up I saw, the store was packed full
All I needed is to buy smokes, Could the rest of you just leave?

A kid starts screaming, because he can’t get his sugar
A man gets loud, because his coffee is wrong
A woman is overcharged for gas, the next ones card is declined

So much chaos around, why can’t the line move quicker?
When suddenly it’s my turn, and I’m up at the front
The cashier asks, How can I help you ma’am?
And as I open my mouth, I realize….I don’t smoke.