Let’s just leave the lights of the city behind for a while
And listen, while the noise of the night life comes alive with crickets not crack whores
Listen, for the sweet symphony of the song birds
Listen, for the delightful dance of the raindrops on the lake
Where the fireflies are your flashlight through the forest

Let’s just forget about the electronics and emails
The ticker tape of the tweets
Put your face in a real book
And learn what the authors are saying
Like King, Silverstein and Keats

Embrace the outdoors and hug a tree
They really are friendly if you give them a chance you will see
And hey, a little wood is always good for everyone once in a while, right?
Have a little fun with life
Don’t take yourself, me or anyone else so seriously
No one gets out alive as they say

So smile as many smiles as you can while you’re here
They are the best thing you can spread
And the most contagious my dear

So instead of spreading all this negativity and hate
Which seems as destructive as a wild fire
Spreading through our beautiful mountains of the west
Decimating trees, homes, animals, lives.

Let’s share that sunshine of the ocean and love and fill everyone’s hearts
And make life a little lighter
Like that kid who just got a helium balloon tied to his wrist
So it wouldn’t float away high into the air
And he stares at it with such amazement
Wondrous at the awesome power that holds the balloon
Suspended in the air just beyond his grasp
If he uses the same hand to reach for it

Just like our dreams sometimes
But when we realize our dreams really aren’t that far away
And all we need to do is reach for them with our other hand
Try another way, a new way and let go of our old thinking
And realize they were right there
Attached to us all along
Waiting for us to make the choice to go after and just reach for them