The tears that cry behind closed doors
Are the ones that sear your soul
They are the ones best cried alone
Because they are the ones that will give you that solid strength inside,
Or break you forever.
That strength and courage will be second to none and you can take on the world
But much like humpty, should you break,
All the kings horses and men won’t be able to put you together again
Tears can be cleansing and free your soul from such pain
Lift the weight of burdens carried for years
They can wash away dirt from things best left forgotten
And lead the way for a brand new start
Leaving guilt and shame behind where all is forgiven
Not being controlled by those feelings of anger, moving forward
Don’t cry anymore over spilled blood,
or is that milk….
Cats claws produce the blood and drink the milk
But enough catty drama the time to move on is now
No more tears, there’s been enough of that over the years
Only fragile things break, hearts get made of stone when built up long enough
So forge that castle fortress and build those stone walls
For the wolf could blow down the house made of brick
And you’re trying to tie that knot and hang on
As long as you can