Every step I take leads me to you
Closer and closer although often with wreckless abandon
Falling head over feet, no rhyme or reason
But merely moving closer
Tripping stumbling falling
Getting back up, more sure of myself each time
Creating my good life
I still haven’t found what I’m looking for
But I’m having a damn fun adventure along the journey
Never knowing when I’ll stop
And land with my feet in the right footsteps
Finding more and more pieces to the puzzle
Realizing what the portrait, the Mona Lisa of me is truly going to look like
I still haven’t found what I’m looking for
But every step I take leads me closer to you
Take a leap of faith
Even though you can’t see that whole staircase
For it was built on dreams and miracles
And baby, that miracle is you and those dreams are yours and yours alone
Reach for that golden star
It shines for you
And every step I take makes it shine brighter for me
I’m not a paper chaser
I’m a dream chaser
And I need to raise up my hands
Because I know I have the strength in my heart
I”ve knocked down 100 fortresses of my own making along the way
I’ve found my own castle and started polishing it bright
With furnishings of my own choosing
It’s time I start sending out the personalized invitations to the ones I’m willing to give my heart to
And my personal dragon will take care of the rest