I want my walls to come down
But not crumbling down all at once quickly
I will carefully deconstruct them
One brick at a time
And I will keep those bricks close
For not everyone will be allowed past them
My love and light will shine through the cracks
But my heart will not crumble and be exposed
For all to start stabbing at
The scars have built up, although the wounds underneath have healed
I’m still working on breaking down and tenderizing the scar tissue
Massaging the wounds to let them heal soft
Warm up to the love of the earth
And break down the walls I’ve built up so high
But you see I blame everyone else for invading my fortress
And necessitating the kingdom of protection
When really it was my fear that built the moat and hatched the dragon
Before the armies were even seen on the hill of the horizon
Don’t you see that I’ve been running from the fire in my heart all along
Afraid to get burnt with the heat on my heels
Always staying one step ahead
But afraid to look back to see those that loved me
Were the ones there holding the fire extinguishers
I set the fires I was running from
Scared of the heat and not knowing how to put it out
Burning the very people who knew how
I constantly hop on my dragon
Trying to fly away from the problems I cause
But the further I run the further I am from being able to solve the solution
Don’t you know I want the light to shine from my soul
To rise like the Phoenix and help me to heal
Help me to realize who I am and help me to fix all the damage I’ve caused
I don’t want to do anymore harm
I just don’t want to do this anymore