A doll house
A play house
Where all too real stories are acted out
By children who don’t realize
The adults want them to censor
What their little ears have heard and little eyes have seen
Before relaying those seemingly make believe stories
To the world

A play house
Where miniature lives take place
At the grasp of miniature hands
Telling of far to unminiature problems
Why did ken shout at Barbie?
Because Barbie didn’t do as she was told.
Why did ken hit Barbie?
Because Barbie was in the wrong place at the wrong time
And didn’t know it.
But little hands and little ears and little eyes don’t realize

The seemingly make believe stories
Will have an everlasting impact
On their very real life
For very real days to come
As a new daughter watches
Her father’s hand on her mother
Becomes her husband
Becomes normal
And accepted
Raised voices become tolerated
As her daughter plays with her doll house
And escapes into her miniature world
Just like her mother did
Years ago
Cycle repeated, nothing changed
Until we teach her and give her
A new daughter’s worth