I yell at the sky
And numb away the pain
There’s not much difference between
My cries and the birds songs
Who’s to say that their perky little ballads
Aren’t in fact screams for help?
I don’t speak bird
And only learned to speak squirrel today
I am not in the habit of making outlandish claims
But sometimes the noise inside my head
Gets so loud and I can’t help but want
To fly away from it all
When the clouds are so white
And the sky is so blue and welcoming
The sun shining bright and beckoning
Welcoming me to the road with my car
For the first real road trip of the year
Spring runs through my veins
And I’m stuck
Stuck in this place of mad men and craziness
Reaffirming that sleeping all day
Through such a remarkably beautiful day
Doesn’t make me crazy too
So I yell at the sky
To numb away the pain
So I don’t numb it away like all the others I see
Ruining their lives away downtown like I did not so very long ago
I’m not better than them
I’ve just worked hard to get better
It makes me sad that I can’t help everyone and save them
I want to understand them like the squirrels and the birds
Everyone’s screams for help sound different
Some are silent as they’re beaten down
While others are at the top of their lungs
Mine sit sadly on my bed
Wishing I had more courage to not let fear have control over me
And I cry to the birds who don’t understand me anyway
But we both speak the language of food
So I lay out seed for them at my new home
As the squirrel thanks me and scurries away with it anyway
I laugh, and tears fall into my hands while I sit cross legged
Looking out the window
I cry to the sky, wishing I could fly
And numb away the pain